We help a farmer in El Salvador buy some good shit

Literally – shit. Manure in fact.

And in doing so we’re helping a bloke named Mario better his family’s situation. Miss5 liked his purple shirt but I was particularly taken with his hat.

Here’s what KIVA has to say about Mario:

“Mario’s asking for a new loan because the new corn planting season is starting. He’ll buy manure and herbicide that’s needed to farm basic grains. The loan added to state funds will allow him to make a good investment that will help him prevent infestations or any other kind of damage in his crops so that production will be strengthened and crop yields will increase.

The previous loan increased corn production to be sold and he earned better income that led to home improvements. [PADECOMSM believes] that his economic situation is improving through his work in agriculture and his Kiva loan.”

KIVA often offers free trials if anyone is interested in seeing if this wonderful institution is for them. We love it 🙂

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