We help the wheels on a bus in Mexico go round and round

KIVA has a promotion going at the moment where not only do the people who join the cause get a free loan to trial the whole process, they people they join through also get to make a loan without contributing any money. YAY! Of course, this means there’s probably going to be a lot of KIVA posts coming up.The kids have really enjoyed picking out someone to help. Tonight we picked Humberto from Mexico.Here’s what KIVA had to say about Humberto:

“Humberto is 69 years old. He is married and doesn’t have anyone who is economically dependent on him. He has always worked to get ahead and is very hard working. He manages a line of buses, and his wife is a homemaker. Humberto is requesting our help to buy another bus, because he wants to grow his business and provide his wife with a better quality of life. They will be grateful for the help that you are able give.”


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