BIG bio

A quick run down of the main players in the ‘BIG FAMILY little income’ adventure blog.

Testing The Waters


The results are in: wives are way effing cunning. Tracey, you will NEVER convince me you didn’t know exactly what you were doing. It’s on, you sexy, deceitful biatch.

Mo Means No


“You remind me of someone with that moustache,” a girl at work told me this week. “I’ve got it! You know that television series Magnum?” OH YEAH BABY

A Wii Problem


“This is the problem with being a techtard,” my friend complained, “nothing makes sense anymore. When I was a kid, a Barbie was a doll and computer was a calculator. It was so much easier.”

Against All Odds


“I really don’t want to,” Miss9 enthused. But I chose to ignore it, sprouting off some nonsense about wishing to show my daughter a bit of culture and how she’s always saying she wants a pony: shouldn’t she at least see one up front and personal? Fact was, I just didn’t want to show up alone.