Grandma’s Undies


“Jeez!” I exclaimed tonight as I did the dishes. “What’s the smell in the bin?

Tracey thought for a moment and then burst out laughing.

“That,” she said, mysteriously, “would be you.”

It turns out the older kids were teaching their mum and younger siblings how to play this awesome game today, called Grandma’s Undies.

The rules are simple. Whenever someone asks you a question you have to answer by yelling the phrase ‘Grandma’s undies’. That’s it.

Sound easy?

“What did you wear to bed last night?”

“Grandma’s undies!”

“Can you think of anything which might scare away a dog?”

“Grandma’s undies!”

So where’s the catch? Well, the trick is to not laugh. You do and you lose your turn.

What should we pull over our heads if it starts to rain? Name the only thing astronauts can see from space? What’s that lovely smell? If you could only wear one thing to school, what would it be? Where did you get the material for all these curtains? If you could get anything for Christmas, what would you want?

It is, by all accounts, hilarious.

And soon even Miss3 had joined in the fun, screaming out ‘Grandma’s undies!’ to everything she was asked.

Right up until Tracey asked…

“What does Daddy’s face look like?”

And my little darling suddenly went all serious and replied, “Poo in a nappy.”

I’d like to think she was informing her mum she needed a little attention rather than giving her actual description of my face, but Tracey isn’t having a bar of that.

‘Raising a family on little more than laughs.’


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