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The Boy Who Lived


To avoid coming across as a total drama queen (or worse, being accused of clickbait) I think it best to head into this post by stating the obvious: I’m writing it so by extension I am still alive



My head jolted a bit as my eyes shot over to my wife to stare disbelievingly at my wife. I could tell she had no idea what I knew was coming.

Sure enough…

An Alarming Resemblance


I can’t even remember what she did to deserve this punishment because it was, in terms of albeit criminally short sleep cycles, a week ago. However, using a far more standard definition of time, it happened last night.

Good & Properly Roasted


#ad What’s the best thing about takeaway? The weight which lifts off your shoulders at not having to cook after a big day at work. What’s the worst thing? That guilt you struggle to shake at not cooking for the family. There is an alternative. And it’s bloody delicious – enter @woolworths_au COOK Herb Crusted Rump Cap Beef Roast and Butterflied Beef South American Style! A quick and easy dinner and the best part I can say I did it all myself. #woolieswinter

Another Man’s Treasure


You don’t want to know how many bank staff got caught up in this, but the fact one of them is now in a position of watching over the public purse is a little bit hilarious. If by hilarious you mean ‘oh boy’



“Bruce, Mrs Long just called,” Tracey’s voice came sweetly out of my phone, meaning she wanted something. “Have you seen her dog? It must have got out today and she can’t find it.”