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Our favourite way to help others.

We Help Tohir Bring Joy To The World


In the past we’ve mainly helped people in agriculture, but tonight, when I saw Tohir poised seductively over his keys with his Brian Ferry hair, I was smitten. What the world needs is more of this grass roots music. Especially in Tajikstan.

(Actually musical needs in Tajikstan, and for that matter the world, may differ).

We Help This Damn Fine Looking Woman In Kenya


Kiva is a great way to help people without breaking the bank, primarily because when you put money into this organisation it doesn’t disappear. You get to control where it goes and who it helps. Plus, the money you lend to someone gets repaid so then you can lend it out again.

We Help This Woman In Africa Buy Rice


Here’s our monthly Kiva plug!

Our family loves this organisation, which helps people all over the world improve their standard of living by providing small loans: small loans which traditional lending institutions, for one reason or another, wouldn’t bother with.