Driving The Missus Crazy


A car pulling a trailer came thundering down our road when it realized it had to stop. Instead of braking gently, the driver opted to fan the brakes, meaning the street was filled with screeching.

“I really thought they were going to crash,” Tracey told me.

A thought which was not shared by Miss6, who jumped up excitedly from the table when the noise began.

“Yay!” she squealed. “Daddy’s home!”

Tracey, of course, took Miss ‘s statement as further evidence my driving sucks. 

“Even the kids are noticing it,” she told me smugly.

And she’s kind of right. But it’s not what you think.

According to my wife, my driving has always been cause for some concern but despite how this reads I don’t speed or hoon or anything silly. In fact, I get embarrassed if my wheels spin on loose gravel. Although it’s true that unlike Tracey I might like to get the car up to the speed limit before we arrive at our destination.

No, all those bevan antics aren’t my scene at all. My problem is I’m a bit of a Gladys Kravitz behind the wheel.

“Did you see that cubby house?” I’ll say to Tracey. “That’s new.”

“Missed it,” she’ll say. “But then one of us has to watch the road.”

“I am watching the road.”

“Oh really? What’s on the telly at the moment?”

“Well, it looked like someone was watching The Big Bang Theory a few streets back.”

Yep, the fact is I drive around town like an old retired man walks – slowing, speeding up, almost stopping, weaving a bit while pointing – so most of the squeals are from the poor codgers in the vehicles behind me.

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  • Perhaps it’s a male thing because my fiancé drives the same way and I make the EXACT same comment as Tracey!!
    “One of us has to watch the road”.
    I cannot stand it when he drives. I’ve been in and out of hospital A LOT over the past few years and while I’m recovering the fiancé has to drive me to my doctors appointments… I have to make sure we leave a good 15 minutes earlier to ensure I get there on time due to his ridiculous driving!!! Terrifies me when we’re driving into Brisbane city and he’s watching everything except the bloody road!!

    I suppose you can get away with it now that you’re a Pop ?!! Although this does not fly for my 32 year old fiancé ?.

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