Shopping Fail

The waters are rising in G-town so I rang Tracey from work to suggest I grab some emergency supplies in case we can’t easily get to the shops over the next week. While agreeing in principle, most the items I suggested (like nappies and bread) we were stocked up on. By the time I got to the supermarket I basically only needed toilet paper and eggs.
Trouble is they sell so much nice stuff.  When I found bocconcini on special – 66% off – I decided we could have bocconcini, basil and tomato on pizza base. From there I thought some pizzas for the kids, maybe a side salad and wash it all down with a wine and beer. I like a shandy, so I grabbed a lemonade, which was on special – 3 for $8 – so I picked up two bottles of coke as well. If there’s beer some cornchips – 3 packs for $5 – and salsa dip seemed appropriate. Then for dessert, whipped cream – also on special for 86c – with sticky date pudding. Finally I remembered Tracey saying she hasn’t had a TimTam for months. Total spent $82.79.

I thought I’d done quite well actually, but Tracey took one look when I arrived home and labeled me, “worst emergency shopper ever.”

Hard to argue.


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