Bratwurst sausage – another victory in the kitchen

Mum came over to mind the kids while Tracey worked and Master19 and I went downtown to help the good people of G-town pack up their soon-to-be-flooded shops.

When we came home for lunch Mum & I made our first ever batch of bratwurst sausages. As you can see from the photo, Mum was really chuffed with our efforts. I think these sausages are even looking more sausagey than my last efforts.

To make these bratwurst sausages I went to my local butcher, an excellent sausage tutor named Garry, and he provided me with 1kg of fatty pork, some bratwurst spice and pork casings, and the recipe. Unfortunately his recipe called for 5kg of pork, so we had to adjust things down to our needs. Adjusted, the recipe then called for:

1kg pork
20gms salt
5gms bratwurst spice
3gms garlic
1 scoop parsley (we did a loose half a cup)
1 egg
100ml ice cold water

We minced the pork (using the finer holed plate), tossed in all the above, mixed it all up and then put it into the casings. Easy. Took half an hour, which included a big slice of chatter and a decent cup of Joe.

While I really appreciated Garry giving me the spice, I think next time I’d like to take it back to an even more basic level and add the individual spices myself. I’ll talk to Garry about this next week.

They tasted great, although I don’t like these as much as last week’s Italian Sausages. However Tracey prefers them. Another success anyways   🙂

What do you think?

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