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You know that thing which most annoys you about yourself and you wish you could change, but can’t? Well, that’s the thing your kids are almost guaranteed to pull out of the gene pool.

When someone introduces themselves to me I’ve usually forgotten the sounds at the beginning of their name before they reach the end of it. I am hopeless. Tracey, the woman I love, waited for years before I was confident enough to move away from Darling, Sweetheart, Beautiful and My Love and actually use her name.

And it seems one of my prodigy have inherited those same nameless genes.

“Who’s your mate?” Tracey asked Master8 a few weeks ago at Athletics. He’d been hanging around one kid all night.

“The Little Man,” said Master8.

Tracey assumed it was a nickname of some sort.

“But what’s his name?” asked Tracey.

“I don’t know. In my head I just call him The Little Man.”

Oh, dear. I had a similar technique at boarding school. I lived in the same room as fifteen guys and couldn’t say their names with any confidence until grade eleven.

So I was very interested to hear this week how Master8 had gone to the effort of trying to find out his little mate’s name.

“It’s Ape,” he assured my wife.

“Ape? You sure?” Tracey asked him. “You do know what an ape is, don’t you?”

“Mum, I saw it spelled out on the sheets,” Master8 said in a weary, tone-heavy voice he’s obviously mimicked off his mother.

“Spell it,” Tracey asked him.

“A. B. E.”

Okay, so poor with names and bad at spelling. The kid doesn’t stand a chanse.

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