We help a mother of five in Pakistan

Over 100 people have now joined KIVA through this blog – how fantastic is that!

If you’d like to see why these good people have decided to help others through microfinance (loans which are generally too small for the banks to want to bother with), click HERE and head over to the KIVA website to have a gander. There are often free trials on offer so you can get in and see how the whole thing works without committing any of your own readies.

Meanwhile, we’ve decided to help Khurshid, who wanted $325 for stocking her general store. We and others put in $25 each to make up her loan. We don’t make money from the loan, we just get to feel good about helping. Here’s what her KIVA profile had to say:

“Khurshid is a 47-year-old married woman and has been operating her general store for the past 8 months. She is happy to have this work in order to lead a respectable life.

Khurshid is a responsible mother of three daughters and two sons and is committed to fulfilling their needs. Her husband works as a driver and one of her sons is employed in a workshop but their income is not enough to support her family. She strives to achieve her goals in order to support her family well. Her business has gradually improved with the support of Kashf Foundation. She is requesting a loan for Rs 30,000 to buy additional items for her general store which will help her sustain this business.”

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