A Cheat’s Guide To A Superb Black Forest Dessert

Black Forest Cake-21

Want to impress and dazzle your friends at functions but basically couldn’t be stuffed putting in an effort? Is time in the kitchen time away from Jon Snow & Co? Would rather drink sour milk than learn how to turn the oven on to bake?

I totes have your back.

This recipe comes courtesy of our good friend, Rachael, who brought it to a BBQ at our home and then had to suffer through me asking repeatedly for the recipe and not believing it was as simple as she was making out.

It is.

So simple I asked my four year old if she’d like to put it together.

She did.

Basically you just shove the mud cake, custard and cherries in a dish, mix them together and serve with cream. But where’s the fun in saying it like that?

Also, you are welcome.

You Will Need:

Mud cake, store-bought, one

Custard, double thick, French, 900gms

Cherries, Morello, pitted, 600gms

Cream, thickened, dollop, lots. I mean, to taste.

(only a guide – you can use more or less of everything)

Black Forest Cake-2

Step One.  Go shopping for the four ingredients. I don’t really have to include this step but this recipe is so simple I’m trying to flesh it out a bit.

Step Two.  Take a photo of the ingredients and relatively clean room. Neither will remain intact for long.

Step Three.  Bring your four year old into the kitchen and ask her to empty the custard into a bowl or casserole dish.

Step Four.  Have your junior chef chop up the mud cake and add it to the bowl of custard. Or she can forego the butter knife and just use her hands. Ummm…maybe stand back a bit.

Step Five.  Drain the cherries and let your little miss or mister empty them into the bowl of yumminess. Hopefully, most will make the short journey.

Step Six.  Give your darling a spoon and tell them to mix. While they’re doing this, maybe go grab a cloth. You’ll need it.

Step Seven.  Tidy the mess up for a nice photo you can Facebook to the grannies.

Step Eight.  Serve with a dollop of cream and a dollop of cream and, finally, a large dollop of cream.

Black Forest Cake-3

Black Forest Cake-4

Black Forest Cake-5

Black Forest Cake-7

Black Forest Cake-8

Black Forest Cake-9
I have lots of photos like this.

Black Forest Cake-11

Black Forest Cake-12

Black Forest Cake-13

Black Forest Cake-14

Black Forest Cake-15

Black Forest Cake-16
I couldn’t have done it messier myself.
Black Forest Cake-17
For the grannies. Also, it tastes much much much much much much better than it looks. It’s the cherries. And the chocolate. And the custard.

Black Forest Cake-19

Black Forest Cake-20
Actually, I think the grannies would prefer this shot.

Rachael tells me I was supposed to buy chocolate custard, hence why hers looked better. Oh well, looks like I’ll have to get Miss4 to make another batch so I can post a better photo. I guess we can suffer through more yummy dessert. You know…for the good of the blog.

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  • Well I’m a granny who has 2 year old twins living with us. I really enjoyed this – and the twins really enjoy getting stuck into stirring, mashing and generlaly making a mess. Bonus if its edible at the end lol

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