BIG recipes

Recipes we like. Not necessarily to share with the kids.

Cockroach Clusters


Nothing says ‘Harry Potter Party’ like Cockroach Clusters, or so Miss15 seemed to think anyway. The dates were a brilliant addition because they really…



Me, Myself and I cook up our family’s quick and easy Fried Rice Recipe with leftover chicken. Thanks to Fountain Sauces for supporting our family and sponsoring this post.

Unlikely Recipe Successes


Cooking with dairy is not something I’m a stranger to. We have cheese toasties a LOT. But cooking with yoghurt? That was new. And tasty.

Thanks to The Dairy Kitchen for supporting our family and sponsoring this post. 2nd Posting.

My SunRice Mystery Box Challenge


The mystery box arrived earlier this week for my turn at the @SunRice Recipe Box Challenge. One of the ingredients really stood out for me. But not in a good way. “What the heck is that?” I asked Tracey. This is going to be fun..‪. #‎SunRiceWinterWarmers ‪#‎SunRicechallenge ‪#‎sponsored

Cassie’s Kid Friendly Butter Chicken


Sick of spag bog? I know I am. So this recipe is a godsend because it’s mild but still aromatic and flavoursome. I’m not saying it’s a surefire winner for your kids – we still have two who aren’t sold on it – but I’m very, VERY pleased to announce a 60% success rate with our mob.

Get Stuffed Mushrooms


The recent addition of a vegetarian to our ranks of treasured friends and family has meant I’ve had to open up the cook books and find some new recipes.

It’s been great!