Let There Be Tears


“Suckerpunching is fun” pose

Another baby is set to leave the folds of her mother’s skirts for the scary (to said mother) halls of prep.

“They change when they go to school,” lamented Tracey.

“Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth” pose

Jeez, I hope so. I mean, yes I know there’s a certain, sweet innocence which is lost in the bickering and bullying of school life, but watching them learn and grow and test their minds is such a joy on this journey.

But with Miss4, personally I feel sorry for the teacher. Of all our kids, this is the one with bite. If she gives you a teethy grin there’s a better than even chance it’s only because she’s about to take a chunk out of your throat, sweet thing that she is.

Miss4 has also been honing her acting skills these past few years. She is especially good at pretending to be too tired to walk to bed and therefore needs to be carried. These acting skills should help her in the ‘I haven’t done my homework cause I am so ill’ department.

Despite Mummy’s reservations, Miss4 is keen to join the school ranks and get her some learnings.

Personally I see it as another step up the steep side of Empty Nester Mountain. If I’m teary they’re tears of joy.

She does look super cute though in her traditional ‘Mum bought me clothes two sizes too big so I can grow into them about mid year two’ prep uniform.

What do you think?

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