Like To Get To Know You Well

My son’s girlfriend’s Mum, with ‘our’ grandson, Eddy (hope she doesn’t mind sharing)

One of the fun things about your kids getting to the age where they’re dating and seriously contemplating settling down is meeting the other family.

We haven’t done that yet in the case of Master27’s new girlfriend, Liv, but she sent me the transcript of a conversation she’d just had with her mother and I’m pretty confident we’re gonna get along like peas in an alphabet.

“So what are you and Geoff up to today?” her Mum had asked.

“Geoff’s at Krav Maga camp, remember?”

“Oh, that’s right,” said her Mum. Pause. “So what is Krav Maga?”

I like her already. Word for word not only what I would have said, but what I have said the first two or eight times Master27 mentioned the words, with the slight difference I never pronounced it right.

Even now I call it Karate, although I confess that’s mostly to piss my eldest lad off.

“It’s a type of self defence developed by the Israeli military,” explained Liv.

The response to which endured me to this woman in a way I don’t think I can adequately express in words – which is saying something for me.


“Omg no Mum,” Liv quickly interjected. “It’s just like a type of fighting.”

“But why does he do it?”

“Good skills? Good exercise?” said Liv, tossing out some ideas. “It’s fun to hurt people?”

Which highlights why we like Liv. She’s funny.

But it also brings us nicely to the moment where I knew for a fact Liv’s Mum and I are going to get along like cheese and more cheese.

“Oh,” she said, coming to the end of what seems to have been a rollercoaster of a chat. “Well, that’s nice then.”

Looking forward to one day meeting you guys 🙂 If your daughter is anything to go by you’ll be hilarious. And probably sloshed.
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Raising a family on little more than laughs

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