BIG ideas

Things we’ve discovered, often by necessity or chance or misadventure, and which make affording such a big family not such a strain on our budget.



I stay awake some nights unable to fight off the nightmare thought of not being able to get all the kids out in time…

I did think it was an odd brief…


I wrote this as a freelance job on Friday, but it turns out I totally misread the brief. I thought it said ’10 Must-Have Kitchen Items For Slow Cooking’. Instead of waste it I thought I’d share it here. Mind you, I don’t think they’d have approved the spoon reference, do you?

Cruise News


A year ago if someone doing a big lap told me, even someone doing it with five kids, they needed a holiday I’d have scoffed mightily in their direction. And yet…

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I Am The King Of Christmas


I don’t claim to have been much of an expert of the fairer sex when I was a young man, but I’m pretty sure I remember something about how desirable being swept off your feet and carried off to a fairytale castle was.

Words Fail Us


To keep them amused on long car trips Tracey came up with a heap of activities for the kids, including what I suspect, perhaps worryingly, will become their number one go-to on our big lap.

Kids Need To Know This


A big part of raising kids is teaching them good habits. When you go to the toilet, flush and wash your hands. When you finish you meal, say thank you and bring the plate to the sink. When you wake before the sun’s up, either go back to sleep or wake your mother.

Rebate To Our Rescue


“I got nothing done today,” Tracey complained to me when I arrived home last Monday.

Monday’s are Tracey’s workhorse day for working on her photography business – a day for editing on Photoshop, ordering, meeting brides and doing book work. It’s also the one day a week she has no kids, with our lot either at school or day care.

Tracey’s idea of getting nothing done is a little different to mine. When I say it I mean I watched Youtube videos all day and struggled to make a sandwich for lunch: she just means she’s still got work to do.

“Well, do you think it’s time to put the kids into day care for a second day?” I asked.