Capelli’s Kid’s Class

What a great activity for the kids during the school holidays!

We found out about this because a friend of ours just finished helping the good people at Capelli’s to film a piece showcasing what it is all about (see below).

For a small country town, Gympie has a lot going for it: not least a few great places to eat. Local iconic restaurant Capelli’s is now offering cooking lessons for kids aged 8+ and I think it’s a fantastic idea. Bugger signing them up as contestants on Junior Masterchef, I just want something tastier than thick vegemite on toast for Father’s Day breakfast (bless their cotton socks).

The cost is $99 a child, but it goes over two days (lunch for one, dinner for the other) and gives the kids a real confidence boost. Kids can invite guests to the dinner at an additional cost of $27 a head – but after all it’s for a three course meal. It’s not as cheap as a movie, sure, but they can go to a movie any old day and THIS is a real treat.

Cooking is fun and I love baking cakes and the like with my brood. Fun in the kitchen beats an Xbox or a DS any old day (although Master6 would argue this till he was blue in the face).

I want to get our Miss8 into this in one of the coming school holidays.

What do you think?

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