Amusing Herself

Our Miss8 has spent much of the last two days exploring the wet wonders of our rain soaked yard: getting out there in boots with an umbrella and jumping & dancing around and catching rain in a container. For two days. It’s almost ridiculously difficult to have her stand under a shower for more than two minutes.

After she’s dried off she’s also been teaching herself to play her recorder through her nostril. Time well spent, I say. Many a time my lack of nasal-skulling abilities left me without a party trick at university. The nose is an often underrated source of entertainment – although little Miss2 seems to have great fun digging around in hers.

I love this sort of play (the rain I mean, not the nose). It’s so much more fulfilling and exciting than a dumb computer game. Instead of hiding the kids inside when it’s raining we should encourage them to get wet and dirty. Afterall, the water will wash off when they come inside and have a shower.

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  • I loved playing like that when I was a kid. I think so many kids miss out on that joy these days. I’m going to encourage my kid/s to get outside and use their imaginations as much as possible before technology threatens to take over 🙂

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