Why I’m Missing My Wife Tonight

Nope, it’s not the bed. It’s the thing I’ve draped across it.

Tracey, just so you know, I wish you were here.

I know it doesn’t come across to the extent it should on the blog, but I am not exactly an extrovert. But only insofar as I dislike meeting new people at functions where I feel extremely awkward and out of my depth.

I am not very good, for example, at small talk.

I will try. Oh Lordy, I try.  But I inevitably say something which makes me look like an idiot.

Take tonight, for example…

As you would know from my posts on the blog, I’m currently at the third birthday bash and annual foray of The Remarkables Group – the agency who look after the side of this blog which pays for everything blog related.

And, it’s been wonderful.

I’ve been flown in to Sydney courtesy of Qantas, and Destination New South Wales are making sure the other bloggers and I see a bit of what Sydney has to offer.

It’s been awesome. And I’ve only been here a few hours.

Which is why I felt obliged to say thank you for the little bag of goodies which were on my bed when I checked in.

“I love the table runner,” I told the nice, young lady when she asked if I’d looked in the bag.

Her face told me, before her mouth did, that she didn’t understand.

I thought I’d save her some embarrassment and make a little joke.

“Well, it’s either a table runner or a very thin towel,” I chuckled.

Which is when I decided tonight was not going to go any better than any other gathering I’ve ever attended.

The girl I was talking to screwed up her face in a sort of apologetic, awkward sort of way.

“Do you mean the scarf we’ve given you?” she asked.

You’d have set me straight before we’d even left the hotel room, Tracey. Like I said, to quote Pink Floyd, I wish you were here. You stop me from stupid.


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