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This. This meme. I knew it would be something like this.

Coincidentally, I just bought the biggest iPhone on the market.

I’m on my way to Sydeney tomorrow for The Remarkables Group’s 3rd birthday party and Tracey insisted I finally buy myself a mobile.

Actually, she wanted me to replace the battery ($35) in the iPhone I bought off a mate second hand for $100 a year ago – but I can be persuasive when she wants to go see a movie and leave me alone with all the kids.

Seriously, the ‘phone’ I had was so slow I might as well drive over to whoever I wanted to deliver a message to. The only thing it was really good for was playing PopStar! on the loo.

So anyway, I have a new iPhone. And it is huge. It’s nearly tablet sized. In fact, I fear after I listen to the caller at one end I’ll have to hike it quickly to the other end to answer them.

But I don’t care.

Because it’s big and beautiful and MINE.

I can play PopStar! and watch Youtube and check my emails – which is all I really care about.

Anyhow, the reason I needed it is that over the next couple of days I’ll be enjoying myself, child free, in Sydeney, listening to some wonderful experts and picking up tips. But more importantly, staying at Pier One, and having a pastry lesson at Black Star Pastry, dining at lol Darlin’, and meeting Lisa Messenger, and drinking my way around the Double Bay bars. I will be sharing some of my adventures on Instagram, which my wife has just sorted out for me, and Facebook. Even with the new phone, I suspect the photos will deteriorate as the nights wear on.


Which brings me nicely to…

…so today I took my new phone to work. First day. First time. Still has that new phone smell.

Here’s the thing – taking a mobile to work is a bad idea, and now I know why.

It’s not, as you might suspect, because the boss might catch you showing the other staff the cute video your eleven year old made for her mother on Mothers Day.

Oh, no.

Rather, the ‘ladies’ at work had a bit of fun teaching me to put a password on my phone – they spent a sizable portion of the day nicking my phone and taking inappropriate photos.

Can I just say right now categorically that I love these wenches so much? They flip the drudgery of nine to five on its back and give it a good belly rub.

Which makes this betrayal so much harder and altogether funnier – because at the end of the day I heard them whispering about making sure they deleted the photos.

But guess what? They didn’t!

Enjoy 😀

I’m going to bed to watch some vids on my new phone 😉


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