A Good Deal on Good Friday

THIS is how I LOVE to spend the important holidays – Tracey’s Grandmas (Grandma Lawrence & Grandma Mac) both enjoy a game of cards and I am always happy to oblige. After the traditional Fish & Chips for lunch Grandma Lawrence pulled out a weathered pack with ‘I Love New York’ printed on the reverse. 500 is my game of choice, but I’m always up for a game of Sevens as well.

Today, Cousin7 joined in and picked up Sevens quick as wink. He’s a bright spark.

Tea & cards. Perfect.

Grandma Lawrence about to blitz us.

I look serious here. Things no going well. Considering cheating.
Got caught.

Grandma Mac lays downs the law.

Tracey, the shy little thing, gets her mug in a shot. She’s such a card.

I hope you’ve all had an equally fantastic day.

What do you think?

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