Bags Packed


In preparation for our big ‘date night’ tomorrow night, we have been organizing the farming out (read as ‘dumping’) of our smaller children. One for Nanny, two for Grandma, one for Auntie Bel & Uncle Jason and one (Miss0) for Auntie Shell & Uncle Shane’s in Brisbane.

Having one person take on the lot is a big ask. We prefer to hand them out in small manageable doses. Otherwise we might burn our bridges.

Tomorrow night we’re off to enjoy the concert 🙂 Or a least, I’ll be enjoying the concert while Tracey worries and pines and considers leaving early. I can’t wait. With luck we’ll fit in some sushi or yum cha as well.

Although it’s only for one night, and we’re coming straight home after the concert with Miss0, it’s going to be a real treat.

Because there’s a sleepover involved, the kids have also been super excited about the whole thing, to the point where they’ve packed their own bags – although some are better at it than others.

“I’m ready, Mummy,” announced Miss5, standing beside two suitcases. I can understand her excitement – Grandad has been known to give out Chuppa Chups for breakfast. Well they’re strawberry & cream, which are sort of breakfasty.

Tracey peaked inside the open cupboard – nothing but coat hangers. Miss5 had packed her entire wardrobe.

I don’t know how long Miss5 thinks she’s going to Grandma’s for, but I suspect she’s going to be hell disappointed on Sunday.

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