What’s Happening To Me?

When I was a kid I learned all I needed to know about the changes my body was to go through from a couple of books called Where Did I Come From and What’s Happening To Me. They were the first romp into anime porn for many young sprogs, and are probably under-credited in their role in helping spawn an industry.

Puberty doesn’t have to be scary, but around here we insist on it being funny.

Hey, whatever floats your boat, people.

We learned how important chatting with kids about puberty is, and not just mentioning it once or twice and assuming they’re all clued up, with Master20. When he first noticed a couple of hairs had appeared in a new spot (as a kid, not recently) we heard a strangled sort of horrified cry from the bathroom and thought he was dying.

So these days we start a dialogue with the kids from about when they start school – just so they know they can talk to us about these things and there’s nothing to be scared about.

In theory.

“You’re coming to an age when you’ll experience some changes to your body,” Tracey said to one of our girls in the car the other night. The whole recent string episode with Cousin12 had us thinking about these things.

“Like what?” she asked suspiciously.

“You’ll get boobies and grow hair,” Tracey told her.

Suddenly there was a problem – a big problem. Our girl was absolutely horrified. She was shaking her head from side to side and shrieking at Tracey, “I don’t want hair on my boobies!!”

We’re really good at this. Anyone know a good book store?

Not always true I’m afraid. I know, I went to boarding school.

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  • gosh this made me laugh,, well its a bit different apparently these days.. Girls DO NOT have hair anywhere any more except on there heads and face lol … Ask any mother of a teenage girl or young woman… It all comes off… the minute one sprouts i am told its straight to the waxing lady….mmmm maybe they need to reprint the books advising how to get to the beauticians…How do I answer to this statement . Only ferals have hair mum ladys wax….

  • I recently(in the last 12mths) had the talk with our 9 year old yes I know a bit young but history might repeat it’s self.The internet was my best friend plenty of pictures to explain periods and body changes. when camp came around earlier this year miss9 ask if it was a good idea to take some lady products with her, maybe she won’t be as terrified as I was at her age it was taboo to talk about it in our household. good luck with it 🙂

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