We help a farmer in Tajikistan buy seeds and fertilizer

Our 25th KIVA loan is reaching out to a bloke in Tajikistan so he can expand his farming business. He’s requested $1000 which he’ll repay over 9 months. Sharofidin caught my attention as I trawled through the prospective borrowers, but it was when I noticed my lovely cousin, Jenni, had decided to lend him money that he won our support.

Here’s what Sharofidin’s application had to say:

“Sharofidin is a kind and honest man. He is married and is a responsible father of three children. He has been growing onions, melons and cereals for more than seven years. His wife is a homemaker. Sharofidin wants to expand his business so that he can get a good profit. He is asking for a loan with the purpose to buy seeds, mineral fertilizer and film. He hopes for your help and kindness.”

There is a brief window of opportunity to test drive the KIVA experience at the moment using someone else’s (his name is Reid Hoffman) money. KIVA will let you choose someone to help by putting $25 towards their loan – but it’s KIVA’s money, not yours (meaning the repayments of this one loan go back to Reid). It’s a great opportunity to take KIVA for a test run to see if it’s for you.

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