We help a group of people in the Congo grow their businesses

Our 26th KIVA loan is to a group of people in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. Here’s what the application said about one of the applicants in this group – a woman called Bijoux.

Bijoux sells sacks of cement and beverages in detail. She has been in business since 1983. She has a solid experience in her business and it has prospered thanks to good management and accumulated profits. She is a loyal client of IMF HOPE RDC who has already received fourteen different loans and has repaid them correctly. She intends with the next loan to increase the inventory of her business by purchasing more sacks of cement and beverages to resell in order to generate additional profits. Currently, she earns a profit of US $150 every week.

Bijoux is 47 years old, a widow and the mother of six children between 16 and 31 years old. Two of them go to school. Her dream is to become a wholesaler.

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