Sisterhood of the Traveling Maternity Clothes

One or the other of our friends (or us) always seems to be pregnant. We all just fall into that age bracket. Buying clothes to wear once your belly pops and your boobs start seriously testing the underwire can be expensive. You want to look nice, but you don’t want to blow the budget on maternity clothes when there’s so much other nice stuff you could be buying, like prams, onesies and beer.After the birth of Miss8 my wife was mad keen to discard the ‘fat’ clothes and don something different – after all, by this point she’d probably worn the same four outfits over and over for a couple of months.

However, by the time our next baby came Tracey and her friends had an awesome system in place whereby they had a bag of nice maternity clothes which would be passed on to whoever was due next. Everyone would add one or two new items to the bag, which kept it fresh and exciting, and suddenly being eight months pregnant with a wedding to attend wasn’t a huge drama.

Of course, this doesn’t help you with the task of dragging your drunken husband home because he’s taken advantage of the wedding’s open bar and having you as a designated driver, but one problem at a time, if you please.


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