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I love this time of the month – the KIVA repayments to our loans start to appear in our account so we can re-lend the money out. Bank Devereaux is open for business :)I added US$5.15 to my KIVA account tonight so I could lend another US$25 to someone. I could have waited another couple of days for more repayments to trickle in, but I like the idea of slowly increasing my account – I’m looking forward to a month where we make two loans 🙂 So far we’ve put US$134 into our KIVA account and, because the money comes back by way of repayments, we’ve made a whooping $350 in loans. This is our fourteenth loan. Six loans have been completely repaid and we have eight outstanding.This month, Tracey and I made our selection together. Tracey wanted to lend to a female and I wanted to help a family improve their position. After about two minutes looking we decided we’d found our candidate:

“Mao, 52 years old, is a fish seller with her husband. Their income is $7 per day. The couple has six children. Two children are studying and the other two are working, and the $7 per day provides for them for all. Every month, Mao has to spend $60 on food, $10 on electricity, $20 on school fees, $20 on transportation, and $20 on other expenses. She would like to request a loan of $500 buy a motorbike for her husband to run a motor taxi service. She has been selling fish for almost 10 years and most of the villagers are her customers. She hopes that her husband’s new career will help her family to gain more income, so that this couple will be able to send the rest of their children to study at a higher level.”

All up, Mrs Mao Kim only needed $500, but this is a huge sum when you earn $7 a day. As you might imagine, finding someone with faith enough to lend her the money when she only earns that much money, and lives in fairly basic conditions, wouldn’t be easy without the micro-finance offered through KIVA. 20 lenders just like us put in US$25 each to come up with the cash she needed. I’m sure it will make a big difference for her and her family.

I’m a huge advocate of KIVA. It feels good: it does good. Click over and have a gander if you’ve got the time and the inclination.

KIVA LINK:  Give a hand, not a hand out – lend US25. As they make repayments you’ll even get your money back. Plus you can use Paypal 🙂 Easy peasy.


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