BIG lap

A Dressing Down


I’m pretty sure Tracey thinks I usually manage to embarrass myself around other travelling families, but internally I’ve adopted the wonderful idea of myself being quirky….

Post includes a map of our journey so far.

Not Your Average Snowflake


“You want to know…,” said Tracey slowly, deliberately, quietly into the phone, “…if I have a man with me?” Her expression was suddenly combatant and could be read as, oh, you did not just say that.

The Walking Disaster


Despite clear leaps forward over the last hundred years with such things as indoor loos, disposable nappies, snot sucker-outerers, nappy wipes, toddler-leashes & Phenergan, I’m not convinced parenting is getting any easier.

Dumb & Dumbist


Riding roughshod over my very own forestry and cave system was not the direction I thought things would take when we took off on our big lap some sixteen months ago.

Cruise News


A year ago if someone doing a big lap told me, even someone doing it with five kids, they needed a holiday I’d have scoffed mightily in their direction. And yet…

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