We Help A Family In South Sudan To Buy A House

Today we made our 17th Kiva loan! We added $7 to our account, which had $18 from this months repayments, to bring the balance up to US$25.

As I scrolled through the potential borrowers, this lady from South Sudan caught my attention.

Rachiel is a 50-year-old married woman with four children between the ages of 10 and 22, one of whom is in school. She has been selling charcoal in Bor, South Sudan, for six years.

Rachiel has requested this loan through BRAC South Sudan to purchase charcoal. She will use her extra income to build a concrete house in the future.

We have it so good in this country. If you doubt that look at Rachiel. This woman is 50 years old. I’m nearly 50 years old (six years away). Makes me so appreciative I was lucky enough to have been born in Australia. I really hope the extra income my money allows her to earn helps her to fulfill her dream of building and moving her family into a concrete house.

If you’re interested in giving this a look – click KIVA microfinance website

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