I’m The King Of The Road!

“Best parents ever,” I murmured to Tracey as the family disembarked back at Southbank.

We’d taken the kids for a ride up the river on a CityCat. Took about an hour and cost us $20. The huge Ferris Wheel at Southbank was going to cost us $99 for 10 minutes. Instead, we’d spent an hour effectively pretending we were on our own private boat trying to stare into houses and units while our ‘staff’ ran around asking the kids to please stop doing things like standing on the seats to see better or running between the front and back of the boat.

It was fantastic.

Or so I thought.

“You can’t claim to have been parenting,” Tracey assured me.

“You kidding? I was right there with them,” I said. “I was having fun and chatting to them most the way. That was some a-grade daddying.”

As usual, Tracey had an answer for everything.

“You didn’t even realise they were running off until I sent them back,” she huffed.

She’s always exaggerating.

“That only happened like three times,” I protested.

We’d arrived in Brisbane the previous day so Tracey could catch up with her surgical team at RBWH, our bus could get some stickers and we could finally pick up our car trailer, which we’ve been waiting nearly three months for.

Unfortunately, one of these three things didn’t go very well.

Fortunately, it wasn’t Tracey’s appointment. She’s now being handed over to the hernia people for the next bit of fun.

Also, rather wonderfully, it wasn’t the sign writing so our bus is looking particularly snazzy.

But because our car is demanded longer tracks we needed to hole up in Brisvegas for a bit while a couple of issues were sorted out. Finding somewhere to park and plug in a 40ft bus at five in the afternoon isn’t as easy as searching AirBnB so we went for somewhere close and relatively cheap – the Ipswich showgrounds (bus rate is $25/night including power – bargain).

“That’s a lot of police,” Master11 pointed out as our GPS guided us from Moggill over some hills I’m pretty sure the locals would call the rollercoasters, camel humps or simply ‘weeeeeeeee!’ and into the outer suburbs.

We’d encountered three separate lit up and wailing cop cars heading off in three separate directions and we hadn’t hit the centre of Ipswich yet.

“Means this is a very safe place to stay,” I said, “because they make sure everyone is doing the right thing.”

He looked doubtful.

“They don’t stop people doing stuff,” he said. “They just catch them after they’ve done it.”

Sounded like a good point. Personally, I was just happy none of them were around a minute later when I went around a corner and mounted the curb. Pretty sure that would have been a fail on my driving test.

So today we had time to relax and wile away on the Brisbane River.

Well, some of us did.

“What’s the worst that could have happened?” I asked Tracey, because she seemed intent on bringing up how much better she was at watching them than I was.

“They could have fallen in the river,” she said.

“But they didn’t.”

“Because I was watching out for them!” To be honest, I was just at the point where I was going to concede she might have had a point, but then she went on, “Meanwhile, you were standing at the front on the boat, catching the breeze with your arms out.”

Again, she exaggerates.

Not about the wind in my hair – if it was longer I could have whipped cream. But come on. “Arms out? As if.”

“Oh, please,” Tracey said as we walked up the pier past fifty or so people waiting to board. Suddenly she was doing a poor impression of what I’d apparently looked like, with her arms stretching back behind her. “It was Titanic all over again.”

I still don’t know about that, but in Tracey I’ve definitely found my iceberg. Great day, in so many more ways than one.

I’m calling this Exhibit A.
Exhibit B!
Anxiety being something of a thing for a few of the Devereaux kids, we weren’t entirely sure how the CityCat ride was going to pan out. Miss9 pulling this face while we waited at the pier wasn’t encouraging.

Shouldn’t have worried. Within seconds of the boat leaving the dock they were all excited and giggling.
Not sure what the regular commuters made of our bunch, although I did see a few smiles at how excited our guys were at things like going under bridges, which earns exclamations of, “Another bridge! We’re going under another bridge! Awesome!”

We caught some great Pokemon today. At least Master11 did, while we all tried to keep up with him racing from one Pokestop to the next. Southbank is something of a Pokemon Mecca, apparently. 

Hair pieces like this don’t fit in pockets, so unless you want to carry it around all day you have to come up with a way to wear it. It was this or a choker collar.
Had lunch here. Bought some groceries and made sandwiches. Lovely and shaded and a stage for the kids to perform on. Perfect.

Met up with Tracey’s ‘brother’, Chris, who lived on the same road when they were growing up. Family still calls him Nudge because he always showed up around dinner time. True to form he appeared at lunch.
Visited the Box Flat Memorial in Ipswich. Tracey’s family has a tie with it because her Great Grandparents had a 14th share in the mining rights for the mine.
We’d heard about the incident, obviously, but it was way before Tracey’s, or even her dad’s, time. Interesting to come and see the memorial and fill in some gaps.
Despite the family connection and the genuinely lovely memorial Miss5 declared herself bored and no one jumped in to correct her so we left for the city. Pleased we made the pilgrimage though. 
Our first port of call today was a nearby lawn cemetery to pay respects to a friend I lost a few years ago.
Miss5’s middle name is Chriss after our dear friend. Despite my having just been neutered, Chriss decided in the weeks leading up to his demise we would have another baby and name it for him. Not that we’ve ever regretted our youngest munchkin but I do wish Chriss had have focused his gift for fortune telling on the lotto numbers.
It took some doing, including messaging his sister,  but we found him. Chriss is buried with his mother and father, and still comes up weekly in conversations around our house. Much missed and still very much loved.
We stood around eating Pineapple and Chiko lollies (his favs) and our eyes might have leaked a little. So glad we took the time. 
In less tissue requiring news, we have stickers on our bus! Regular reader, Madonna, contacted us late last year and offered to break up the white a bit with our blog name. I think it looks fantastic!
This is Madonna. She’s wonderful. She has a home based business, Bold Badger (great name), which prints everything from school book labels to posters to wallpaper (yes, wallpaper) to, obviously, buses. 
Kenny Go West? Yes he can! Boom! Tish! Kenneth West was my uncle who left us the money to buy and adjust the internals of our bus, so we named our new home on wheels for him.
No slipping anonymously into towns now. People have been asking us if we’re in an area because they see a white bus. Usually they’ve been right. Won’t be any doubts going forward. How fantastic has this come up?! Huge thank you to Bold Badger for putting this together for us. 
I’ll probably be crucified for admitting this, but I can’t look at a whale without wondering what they actually taste like. This one would probably take some chewing.
Thong blow out fixed with the help of the ladies in the Museum shop.
Only got to spend half an hour walking around the museum – really wanted to see the Hadron Collider exhibit, but no time. Looked at dead animals instead and saw a tree kangaroo which was horrifying. Forget drop bears, these are the things of nightmares.
Our trailer is nearly done. Nearly. Hopefully this week. Looking good but 🙂
So for now, Tracey has to drive the car. On the bright side, she’s seems to enjoy checking out my ass.
‘Trucks use low gears’….like I had a choice.

We’re still at the Ipswich Showgrounds for at least Sunday, not least because some idiot let slip the markets are here tomorrow. All around us, in fact. So if you’re in the area, come and say hi. You can’t miss us now, what with all that great signwriting.

Raising a family on little more than laughs

Not a sponsored post, although Bold Badger looked after us like a boss – thanks again, Madonna x

Whereas THIS, on the other hand, is my latest sponsored post 🙂 please check it out – The Golf Racket – a great reminder for everyone and a really important message

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  • Hey guys I’m not in a position to sponsor, but I’ve got some kick ass bus stickers you can have at Crackerjack Toys in Bulimba if you are passing through – just give us a holla on FB and I’ll fix you up. Enjoy your travels – couldn’t think of a Family more deserving xx

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