The Breakfast of Chompians

“This is delicious!” Master11 announced at breakfast, sipping an orange juice concoction Miss9 had whipped up for everyone in the Nutri-ninja. “It’s got a minty taste.”

Which I should have picked up as being odd because I knew we didn’t even have mint sauce in the fridge.

But then odd foods have become a bit of a thing on the bus. It started with Miss13’s blue and green pancakes and rainbow cupcakes, and then Miss9 decided to get creative in ways which went way beyond a drop or two of food colouring, and unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any sign of her stopping.

“I’ve made you breakfast,” Miss9 called out from the kitchen yesterday.

“Thanks, sweetheart,” I called back, envisioning a bit of toast with, if I was lucky, vegemite.

I was not lucky.

“It’s tomato, cheese, cucumber, nectarine and crushed biscuits,” Tracey whispered to me.

“Sounds ni…,” I started. Then the words found meaning in my pre-coffee brain. “What…? What did you say?” For one thing, it sounded more like a side salad. For another… “Did you say crushed biscuits?

“They’re rice crackers,” said Tracey. Apparently Miss9 had seen her brother break a cracker and eat his bowl of breakfast salad with it so she decided to save everyone else the time and crush a few in. “It’s nicer than it sounds.”

“I don’t believe you.”

It wasn’t bad.

But then I went in with really low expectations. I also don’t think it’s going to appear on a Sheraton breakfast menu anytime soon.

So here we were the next morning and our little Heston Blumenthal had decided to dazzle us again.

And dazzle she did.

“This is seriously good,” I told her. I’d taken a sip bolstered by Master11’s enthusiasm for the drink. It was a sort of fresh minty orange juice, like he’d said. I took a bigger swig. “I love it.” Then I made the mistake of asking, “What’s in it?”

“Orange and a squeeze of lemon,” grinned Miss9 proudly, “and toothpaste.”

Tomorrow, can I just have toast?

Our TMR trailer is finally finished, registered, insured and ready to join us on our journey. Once we get the brakey bit on the bus done.
Tested the system out by hitching it up to their work ute. Unfortunately, their ute is a 2t and as my also 2t car took the ramps and arrived at the trailer the back of the trailer went down to the ground and the front went up, way up – their ute had the back two wheels a foot off the ground 🙂 I was nearly wetting myself….mainly because it wasn’t my ute. 
Ventured out today to check out a few of the nearly townships. Had lunch in the park around Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre in Gatton and then popped our heads in to check out their artwork, some local history and library. And to grab a coffee.
I don’t know what Miss9 is doing here. She does it a lot but I keep forgetting to ask, instead going for, “Please stop that and pretend to be normal.”
A big day already? Nope. Miss5 pretending she was asleep so I’d carry her to the car.
Drove through Grantham and we were trying to work out why we know the name. This wonderfully named icon, The Floating Cafe, gave us a big hint and suddenly we were chatting to the kids about the dreadful 2011 flood and tying it all in to our trip out to Wivenhoe a few days ago. Education is easy when you know where to look. And have Google.
I got even more excited when we came across this park than the kids. A rocketship! Like when I was a kid! Sadly, the tiny entrance was welded up. “Why would they do that?” Master11 wanted to know. Tracey thought maybe it was health and safety but I know the real reason. I showed them the tiny entrance hole, which is too small for most adults, and explained how kids would climb up the levels to the top and then when parents would tell them it’s time to go home they wouldn’t come down. Sometimes for hours. Don’t ask me how I know.

Picnic Point in Toowoomba is beautiful. But then I don’t think I found a bad view off the edge of the place the whole time we were looking around.
Short legs, so all she could do was look at clouds.
I really need to stand behind Tracey when we take a photo. She’s got such a pinhead.
Nice arty shot of sun setting in a dirty side mirror.
It was so nice to see things other than sugar cane being cultivated. We don’t know what, exactly, was growing but at least it was probably edible. Who knows?  Maybe it could even go in a breakfast salad.
Home and happy for one more night in Lowood. For tomorrow, we ride! Minnie Water, here we come!

Raising a family on little more than laughs.

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