We help a widow in Georgia

For our 33rd KIVA loan we let little Miss5 choose who we would help. I brought up KIVA’s map of the world and she instantly hit on her middle name – Georgia. From there she wanted to help a girl, so we culled the list down to less than 40 possibles. We needed to add $6 to our account to make up the $25 needed for this loan, with the remainding $19 made up of repayments from previous loans.

We’ve now contributed $231 to our KIVA account and used this money to make $825 in loans to these inspiring people doing it rough but having the gumption to get ahead under their own steam.

KIVA is a great opportunity for kids to learn about the world and how fortunate their place within it is. I’ve heard of teachers who use KIVA in the classroom for educational purposes, letting the kids research and lend money they raise.

When I asked Miss5 why she chose this lady she said, “Cause none of the others are smiling.” I’m not entirely convinced Margalita is smiling either, but I guess it’s a pleasant enough grimace. I’m also wondering if she only has one leg.

Here’s Margalita’s story:

“Margalita is 64 years old. She is a widow and lives with her 32-year-old daughter, Nino, in a small village in the Kakheti region.

Margalita’s main activity is trade and she sells agricultural products on the local open market. In addition to this, she sells seasonal clothing in nearby villages in winter. She’s been active in the trade business for more than two years and has become well known and the number of her regular customers is increasing. Her daughter helps her in this business. Finally, Margalita is busy with agriculture as well. She has a small vineyard. The family’s total average monthly income is 700 Lari.

Margalita has requested a loan in order to purchase additional greengrocery products for resale. She will purchase them from neighbor farmers and re-sell on the open market of the nearby town. With this loan she will increase the turnover of her products. As a result, she expects her monthly income to increase accordingly, enabling her to improve the family’s living conditions.”

KIVA has a number of free trials available at the moment if you’d like to see how microfinance works before you commit your own money. KIVA LINK

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