Excess Baggage


Lots of smiles in the house because Grandma and Grandad are home again, with Grandma flying in from Cairns this weekend and my dad and brother, Shane, meeting her at the airport.

And it’s not just the kids grinning – we have our baby sitter back!

My brother does a fair bit of air travel for work and he’s always got a funny story to tell when he returns from a trip.

“There was a bloke in front of me at the check in,” he told me recently, “saying he wanted one bag to go to New York and the other to Amsterdam.”

“That’s impossible, Sir,” said the girl behind the counter, explaining his luggage had to accompany him to Beijing.

“Impossible? Really? Well maybe you can explain how you managed to do just that last week.”

Shane has had many lost luggage experiences himself, so he found this pretty amusing.

And it looked like he was going to have another lost bag story when he and Dad picked up Mum from the airport.

“What are we looking for?” my brother asked my Mum as the luggage began to come around the conveyor belt.

“One large black bag and one smaller black one,” she told him, which was the entire description Shane had to work on.

Almost immediately the big bag came out, but then one by one the other passengers picked out their luggage and disappeared until they were the only three people left at the conveyor belt. Which then stopped moving. Although my brother’s account has the lights being turned off and the cleaner appearing behind a floor polisher are probably exaggerated.

Turning away from the conveyor, my brother said to Mum, “Looks like your bag has gone for a little trip of its ow…”

My father was sitting a little distance away from them. What my brother had just noticed was a small black bag on the seat beside him.

“Oh, that’s right,” said Grandma, “I put my handbag into it and took it on board as hand luggage so I didn’t have to pay for excess baggage.”

Yep, lots of smiles around here now Grandma and Grandad are back 🙂 And lots of stories too, mark my words.

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