Back To School


Since Movember, Miss5 hasn’t been keen to come near my face.She’s been extremely unforgiving of my stubble and, although it started as a bit of a lark, she’s not been smothering me in kisses. But I had hopes that maybe today…

Damn Their Hides


“These are the rules,” I told my kids when we arrived at the park today. “Number one, have fun. Number two, do what I tell you. Number three, don’t leave the park.”

Then I remembered about Miss10 breaking her leg on one of the activities.

Blood & Bone


“Are we ready to go home?” I asked Tracey. We’d taken the kids to a park where they can ride their scooters and bikes.

“No, not yet,” she said. “They’re having so much fun.”

“So we’re going to wait until someone hurts themselves then?”

In the world of helicopter parenting, we’re the ones they’ve grounded due to poor maintenance.