The 2015 TICTAC Games


The trouble with TIC TACs is you can’t buy yourself a box and then keep it a secret.

Not with kids. Especially not with my kids.

They know what that rolling-rattling sound which comes out of your pocket as you walk means.

“Lollies!” Miss5 exclaimed, and I froze. “Dad, can I have one?”

I put on my best innocent face.

“One what, sweetie?”

She didn’t even bother answering – her hand dove into my pocket and retreated with my pack of TIC TACs before I even realized what she’d done.

Then she was running off with my box of banana flavoured TIC TAC Minions, which have just been released to celebrate the release of the latest Minion movie which is premiering in cinemas on 18th June. The little sweets even have the faces of Kevin, Stuart and Bob on them!

“Give them back!” I said, chasing after her. “I need them.”

It was when I saw the box of TIC TAC Minions in the local service station I had the idea for some fun with the kids this afternoon. When I was a kid I would put a TIC TAC in my mouth to see how long I could make it last – trying not to crush it between my teeth. I never lasted long, but it was amusing to my ten year old self.

Well, I wanted to try make them even more fun for the kids.

If I could get them back. I caught up to Miss5 in the lounge room.

“Need what, Dad?” asked Master10, and all the kids in the room looked at me as I pried the packet out of Miss5’s unwilling hand.

I didn’t need to answer – they heard the tell-tale rattle.

“TIC TACs!” they screamed, and jumped at me.

“Yes,” I sighed, holding them high above my head, “I’ve got TIC TACs. And yes, you can have them,” I said. “But you’ve got to earn them.” I took a deep breath and put on my best sports announcer voice, “Ladies, Gentlemen and Minions, welcome to the 2015 TICTAC Games!”

It was a prestigious, awe-filled moment and clearly the kids thought so too because suddenly they were silent.

“The what…?” asked Master10 finally.

1H8A9847 copy


1 box of TIC TAC Minions

1 straw per participant

1 bowl per participant + 1 extra bowl

1 spoon per participant

1 piece of paper & 1 pen


1. Stay In Your Lane

1H8A9797 copy

To set the race up, draw lines on a sheet of paper, making one lane per participant. The idea here is to use a straw to blow your TICTAC down your lane to the end. BUT, every time it crosses the line into another contestants lane you have to take it back to the beginning of the race and start again.

2. TIC TAC Take

1H8A9824 copy

Empty a box of TIC TAC Minions into a bowl and place one bowl per participant around it. Everyone uses a straw to pick up a TIC TAC Minion by sucking on the straw, carrying it to their own bowl and releasing it. Set a time limit of 30 seconds and whoever has the most TIC TACs in their bowl wins the round.

3. Spoon Race

1H8A9843 copy

The object of this game is simple – you start with four TIC TAC Minions in a spoon and have to complete the course without losing them all. You score a point for every TIC TAC still in your spoon when you cross the finish line.


Master10 won the first event and Miss11 the second. So coming into the final event they were both acting pretty cocky, having one tiny, banana flavoured point apiece.

“Go!” I yelled, and they all took off to do a lap of the swings.

“Don’t bump me,” said Miss11.

“You ran into me!” Master10 snapped back.

They reached the first turn and were already way ahead.

“I don’t think they listened to how this game works,” I said to Tracey.

They crossed the line neck and neck and looked to us for a decision on who won.

“The race isn’t over yet,” I told them.

A minute later Miss5 and finally Miss8 crossed the line as well.

“Let’s see,” I said, looking into everyone’s spoons before announcing Miss8 as the winner.

“What?” said Master10. “We beat her by miles.”

“Ah, but the idea wasn’t to be the fastest. It was whoever had the most TIC TAC Minions left in their spoon at the finish. You and your sisters had one each,” in part because on the way around Miss5 was eating hers and picking up and eating her older siblings off the grass as well, “and she,” I said, indicating Miss8, “had three! Which means you two have two points each, you have one,” I said to Miss5, “and you,” I said, lifting Miss8 onto the park bench and presenting her with her prize of a box of TIC TAC Minions, “have three points. Meaning, you are THE WINNER!”

It was a great afternoon and I recommend you start the TIC TAC Games in your family as well. The kids played another two rounds of the Spoon Race just for kicks – the older two kids faired far better, meaning poor Miss5 ended up finding less sweets on the ground.

These limited edition, banana-flavoured TIC TAC Minions are fun, so head on down to your local store and pick up a box for you and your kids. Treats just got a LOT more fun!

1H8A9927 copy

They’re so popular Minion TIC TACs are currently out of stock – back in stores July 15th


I am so excited to be giving away two family passes (for 4 people) to see the Minion Movie! Entry is FREE and easy! In the comments below simply tell us creatively in 25 words or less – “If you had Kevin, Bob and Stuart working for you for a day, what would you have them doing?”


Competition ends Sunday 29th 9pm

Winner – Lara Morello & David McMullen

thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and to Minion TIC TACs for letting me host it

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“Raising a family on little more than laughs”


  • Aww the tiny minions are so cute! I don’t know what it is, but tic tacs are so fascinating to kids! I remember always looking for my dad’s supply in every car he’s ever driven. I’d steal a few every time – it was like a running joke for years. I reckon some of those would be great little bribe treats for the Little Mister.

  • I’ve got three kids so a minion can follow each one, cleaning and tidying as they go. Bonus bananas if they make meals, too.

  • If I had three minions, I’d have them forging lotto tickets.Eventually I’d have to get away with it 🙂

  • I’d have them do everything I can’t while I’m recovering from surgery. All those little things I do for my four kids. Milos and cinnamon toast on cold days, pikelets when their friends come over, picking them up from school when they are sick, doing their birthday parties, doing their hair.

  • I would kick back with my 2 minions, I mean kids, and giggle away at Kevin, Stuart and bob’s antics… Bananas anyone?

  • Bob, Kev & Stew, would have to assist in empting my garden of all the messy weeds then planting lots of BANNA trees as thats what minons love!

  • Kevin would chill on the couch with and fetch me drinks and snacks. Stuart would be keeping mr 6 busy teaching him to become the rockstar he is meant to be. Bob is just awesome. He and Mr 3 would be playing insane games inside and out allowing Kevin and I to laugh at the shenanigans going on.

  • I would ask the Minions to do what Mum does all day so she would have time to spend with us kids playing tictac games.

  • Everything is what I would like them to do, nothing is what I would let them do. It’s so much safer that way.

  • I’d have them do the evil jobs – cleaning the toilets, bathroom, the clothes stewing in the nappy buckets and all the nappy changes!

  • If I had 3 minions for a day.. I’d have them look after all housework/chores/cooking so I could spend a worry free day with the children and hubby!

  • I’d get them to get my 7-yr-old dressed for school… for some reason it takes her f-o-r-e-v-e-r even though she loves going to school!

  • It would have to be cleaning up the littlest one’s nappy after a big No.2… yes, he should be toilet trained but he refuses to poo on the toilet so it’s all wet-wipes and such stuff and it’s soooo disgusting to clean up I think it’s definitely a minion-worthy task!

  • I would have them taking the kids to school and putting them to bed, that way they might get motivated a bit more.

  • Since they are so small, I would get them to go down low and clean in all those hard to reach places!

  • Mow the lawns, clean the floors oh, and the oven could do with a once over…. if they have time after all of that, I’ll give them a break! haha!

  • I would have them staking out the backyard to catch whoever it is poohing all over the lawn! We don’t have a dog, and surely the cat wouldn’t be doing that. Or would he!? I’m sure Kevin, Bob & Stuart would get on top of it for me!!

  • Everything so I could finally get some long overdue me time. Best they come over while the kids are at school and wife is out.

  • Dress up as me to go to work and deal with boring family obligation. Also they can spy on all my friends

  • My garage is so messy and cluttered those poor little Minions would be put to work sorting it out to make space for the car!

  • No Master in sight, Kevin, Bob Stuart and I we’d plan total world domination, with all the bananas and bapples we can eat.

  • They would be out to good use collecting and splitting firewood so I can stay snuggled up inside in front of a nice fire with my two boys eating tic tacs 🙂

  • I would put them to work
    at just being themselves
    so I can have a free time perk
    as they entertain my 3 elves!

  • I would have the little minions entertain my kids so I can just sit back and relax during the school holidays.

  • Bananana they’d do the dishes,
    Bananana they’d mop the floor,
    Bananana they’d do the washing,
    And then they’ll clean some more..
    Banananana banana bananana

  • Build a stylish Cafe with a state of the art underground secret squirrel squash center. (kinda like Gru’s lab or the bat cave!)

  • Kevin I would have mowing the lawn
    Stuart I would have cooking dinner
    Bob I would have cleaning the house

    All so I can spend all day and every day focused on my minion obsessed son

  • The Minions would each cook, clean and babysit my kids so I can follow the daily shenanigans on BFLI and wine and dine our neighbours!

  • i think I would have them do the food shopping & cleaning for me & then put on a show for us to watch… Although watching them do the cleaning might be entertainment enough

  • Run around the house cleaning the kids room and then run around the backyard with the hubby

  • My daughter said , (Bryana) that she would take them and show all her friends and say ‘ Aha I have my own minion army ! Everyone wants an army lol ! I personally think they should clean her room and the whole house lol , I can only dream !

  • Well with an extra 3 minions running around Kev, Stu & Bob would have to start up a blog for us on how we manage for a day with 6 kids 😀

  • For Kim Collins – Wellll I’m not creative lol!! If I only have them for one day, I’d have them go to work for me so I can spend the day at the movies with the kiddies!!

  • Master 3 wants a minion army too ( I have a scary thought might be a nudist army with hyperactivity , by his behaviour and if they take after him ! In any case no good thing will come of this !

  • I would have them clean my house, weed my garden, entertain my kids with fart jokes and circus tricks, and to build a secret lair for me.

  • I would have them clean my house, week the garden, entertain the kids with fart jokes and circus tricks, and build a secret lair for me.

  • Kevin, Bob and Stuart could run a Tic Tac games at our house, for the kids, it looks like so much fun.

  • Bob would be my driver, Kevin our personal chef, Stuart our homework supervisor; that’s three jobs sorted now I only have to be nurse, cleaner, referee…

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