BIG competitions

Your chance to win stuff.

Comobile Giveaway


If you’ve got a student in the house, or if you’re one yourself, then you probably don’t have money to throw away on mobile networks. Every cent counts, yeah?

When A Kiss Won’t Cut It


Our oldest daughter, Miss10, is a bit of a klutz. So far she’s managed to injure herself, in one form or other, every day of the holidays. Yesterday, while mucking about with her cousins and younger siblings, she jumped off our small retaining wall but seemed to change her mind midway through the manoeuvre.

Finlee And Me


In conjunction with the Finlee and Me website, we’re giving away two beautiful products this week – one of their Personalised Kids Night Lights (valued at $139.95) and a beautiful Tree of Life Locket Personalised Jewelry (valued at $89.95).

Delicious Gourmet Mini Cheeseburgers


The first time I made them I was really only trying to impress Tracey and I didn’t take into account my kids would devour them eagerly as well, so unfortunately I ended up eating baked beans for dinner. Is there a greater measure than this?

Mine Shafted


I expect the CIA, FBI, MI5 or some other secret organization will be breaking down my door this week seeking to confiscate all my research papers, because I’ve inadvertently discovered a way to wipe kids minds, just like that flashy pen in Men In Black.