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“There’s a mozzie on your face, Bruce,” Tracey called over the table at dinner.

We were helping my sister Kerri and Uncle Daz by testing out the new electric BBQ they had installed in their park. As you can imagine, I’m always happy to help…when there’s food involved.

I gave myself a sharp slap or two before I thought to ask a rather obvious question.

“Where abouts?” I asked in a voice which gave no hint the words dengue and ross river and malaria were battling it out internally for their place on my podium of anxiety.

“I’ll get it for you!” offered Miss13, racing over.

We’ve only been on this journey for a week – hard to believe because it genuinely feels like a month – and I have to say the kids have been uncharacteristically helpful.

Washing need doing? “I’ll carry the basket!”

Gazebo need putting up? “I’ll hammer in the pegs!”

Miss4 need to go to the toilet? “I’ll wake Mummy up!”

They really have been great.

So I wasn’t at all surprised by Miss13’s eagerness to help me out.

“Thanks, darling,” I said, presenting my face.

It was only as I saw her hand coming at me I wondered if maybe I’d made a mistake here.


Suffice to say it smarted. But at least, I thought to myself, the risk to my health was over.

Not quite.

“Hold on,” said Miss13 happily. “I missed.”

I opened my eyes just in time to see her hand coming, but with not enough time to react to stop it. This time her palm sent me staggering back.

“Got it!” she squealed.

It took me a moment to convince my eyes they were safe to open again, and when I did it was no longer Miss13 in front of me because Master11 had elbowed her out of the way.

“Can I have a go?” he grinned, raising his hand enthusiastically.

Yep, the kids have been climbing over each other to help me out.

Only I’m starting to think, at least while we’re up here in north Queensland, I might have to put a stop to that if I want to avoid serious health issues more worrying than even zika or yellow fever.

Brain damage, for example.

Sausage sizzle with the fambam: us and Auntie Kez, Uncle Daz, my cousin Jenny, her husband Yurik and Grandma. For some reason my kids decided to bring loo paper to the party. Thanks, guys. We are all class.
Homeschooling has started.
Tracey doesn’t look like a 40 year old woman here. I suspect all future photos of her might be taken underwater. 
We remembered today the Olympus Tough camera we bought months ago can take underwater photos. Guess what we spent the morning doing?
Taking photos of kids blowing bubbles with their noses.
Or trying not to.
There’s talk of taking the older kids out to the reef on the Quicksilver next week, but we haven’t done much since we got here except swim in the pool and nap and eat.
It’s been wonderful.
Look closely and see if you can spot the major difference between this photo, which I put up in the last post, and the photo below, which I took tonight.
The difference? You spot it? This is us set up 10 meters along from where we were the first night. In fact, Tracey has had me move two times so far, chasing the shade. She can’t drive the bus and, because of her stomach muscles, she can’t help with moving the gazebos, so I’m thinking I should buy her a baton so she can walk in front of us twirling it as we make our way around the park 😉

Raising a family on little more than laughs

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