So Alike, It’s Trippy

“I understand how you feel,” my lovely cousin, Donna, sympathized with me last night when the topic turned to my recent fall. I say sympathized, but she was laughing at me. Donna was up from Canberra and my brother and I took our families to meet her and her hunkaspunk, Glyn, for pizza. 

My embarrassing tripping on a step and subsequent face-plant into the carpet at work earlier this week has brought out some hell funny stories from other people, but Donna’s has kept me chuckling all day.

Whereas I found it difficult to go up a level, Donna’s difficulty lay in going down.

“I was working at the Reserve Bank and fell over in front of other staff,” she said. Apparently she  had new shoes on and hadn’t practiced going down stairs. “We’d finished a meeting and there were maybe a dozen of us hitting the stairs at the same time. I beat them all to the bottom. I slipped on the first stair and bounced down to the landing.”

Embarrassed, Donna then stood up a little shakily and dusted herself off, keen to make it to the lobby and disappear. Maybe forever.

“Then I stepped off from the landing and, in exactly the same fashion, proceeded to bounce my way down the second set of stairs as well.”

Real humour comes from repetition, as any of the comedy greats will attest to.

Donna reads my blog and this meant I had bugger all to tell her which she didn’t already know about, so I was glad she stepped up with a few stories of her own. And yes, Donna, I think you really do understand how I feel. Thanks for sharing, cuz. I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing right about now 😀

Be careful not to trip over my amazingness. It's everywhere....

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  • speaking of war stories….

    I used to live in a two story townhouse in suburban melbourne, we had a set of really steep, really narrow stairs with an L-bend near the bottom. I had spent six months going up and down those stairs in everything from socks to 6 inch high stilettos (and obviously in some cases, in no condition to be climbing stairs, or walking in a straight line…)

    one morning, completely sober, and not even with a hangover as an excuse, wearing ugg boots with great grip on the bottom, I slipped on the top stair, skidded on my butt to the L-bend, smacked into the wall, and toppled sideways down the last few stairs…. I’m pretty sure my housemates were trying to ask if I was ok, but I couldn’t tell over the hysterical laughter….

    hope that makes you feel better 😉

  • I tripped over the laundry door step (1.5 inches high, mind you!)while my husband was at a meeting. The next day he took me to A & E at our local hospital. When we got home, before he helped me out of the car, he grabbed my crutches and hopped a circuit of the house and yard, and then handed them to me. And his reason? “I’ve never had a go with crutches!” My injury? An avulsion fracture in my foot – ouch!

    • Ouch. I had to look up what an avulsion fracture was, but ouch. Also, points to the man-child lol.

  • He offered to do the washing for me. So, I wrote down the instructions very clearly for him, and he nobly went off. It wasn’t long and there was a child standing in front of me ‘Mum, Dad wants to know……?’ and there was question after question in that manner. I ended up doing all the washing for him.
    Well played, James, well played!

  • I did in fact, laugh out loud when I read this because I pictured it so perfectly! Thanks for the laugh Bruce/Donna!

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