We’ve All Fallen For That One

It seems we all have our ‘the time I fell down’ story. Which is great, because I don’t feel so singled out.

A girl from work was telling me about the second and last time her husband took her to the movies – it was a date while they were courting.

“It was Valentines Day, so it was pretty special,” she said. “He doesn’t like to sit still for over an hour but he knew I wanted to see this movie pretty bad.”

Carting into the theatre enough soft drink, popcorn and confectionery to start a corner shop, they managed to snaffle those ideal seats three quarters of the way back and middle of the room. But then, when the advertisements finally stopped and the movie started, the inevitable happened.

“I have to pee,” she told her beloved.

“What…here?” he asked.

“No, I have to go to the bathroom.”

He grunted his approval, asked her to grab another coke while she was out there, and went back to watching the screen.

My friend then began shuffling her way along the row in the darkened theatre. She reached the stairs, took one step up and about twenty steps down. Having seen her miscalculate the step and bounce heavily all the way to the bottom, the theatre erupted in laughter and cheers at her misfortune. As they tend to do.

The only person who wasn’t laughing and pointing at her was her date. He was still staring at the screen.

In pain, my friend made her way up the steps and out into the lobby. This was not the way she pictured this date going- she hadn’t pictured her shin bleeding, by way of example. She found a bathroom and tended to her wounds, which were many, although not necessarily all of the flesh.

Finally, she asked the boy who’d sold her the jumbo sized soft drinks at the center of this debacle to go into the theatre and find her date for her. She wanted to go home.

When he emerged from the theatre, her man was somewhat surprised to see the state of her.

“What happened to you? Were you mugged?”

She explained about the fall and he looked even more bewildered.

“Didn’t you hear the theatre erupt into laughter?” she asked him.

“Sure,” he said. “And I was looking at the screen thinking, ‘that wasn’t that funny’.”

Ten years on and the date wasn’t a complete failure because they did end up getting married, although they’ve never been to the movies together again.

What’s your ‘the time I fell down’ story?

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  • Oh my goodness! I am headed to the movies next weekend…I am going to think of her story when I walk into the darkened cinema – that’s a clumsy girl’s worst nightmare!
    I fall up steps all the time. I think that takes a certain kind of talent 🙂

  • I fell over face first in the middle of crossing the road when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. Hit the road like a sack of potatoes landing on my knees!!!

  • When I was about 12, a whole bunch of us were hanging out on the porch of our church during break. My older sister and I were holding hands and spinning around each other. Without notice, my sister stopped. I spun around her, tripped over her foot and my whole body was flung against the church doors. I fell flat on my back onto the porch floor. When I looked up, everyone was gathered around, staring down at me. Including the family visiting that day. And of course, my dress had come up to my waist.

  • Going to a pub nearby with some new workmates, keen to impress. All dressed up in super high heels. Didn’t notice a major crack in the footpath and splat! Face planted with legs & arms everywhere! Now this pub was on the corner of a major intersection and it was peak hour on a Friday arvo. I looked up to see rows of traffic laughing at me. It would’ve been more forgivable on the way out at the end of a big night but I was only on my way IN! Mortified!

What do you think?

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