Drop And Give Me Ten!

When I was at school I was an athlete. Seriously. I rowed. I played football. I ran – everywhere!

I’d finish a laps of the oval so far ahead of my team mates my coach would make me do another one.

So I do wonder what is going on with me lately.

At work on Monday I tripped up a step and effectively face planted into the carpet: my arms stopped when my hands hit the ground but my torso ploughed straight into the floor. Oddly, my stomach, which I thought should have buffered me from most of the impact, appears to have done nothing to help at all. I may as well get rid of it.

Naturally, all the staff raced to help me up. Or they would have if their bodies hadn’t been contorted in laughter.

I would have been embarrassed, only I was in too much pain – my shoulder has come out of the experience feeling very sorry for itself. It’s especially vocal around 5 in the morning, when the drugs wear off.

“You are quite the athlete,” one of my colleagues told me as I downed every non-prescription painkiller I could get my hands on to try quell the pain.

“It’s a sports injury,” I’ve tried to tell my customers.

The girls at work aren’t buying this but, as I’ve explained, I kind of landed in the push-up position.

I can remember a time when I would have done better. I mean, there was never a time I wouldn’t have tripped on that step ,which I navigate up to 100 times a day, but I would have done a quick set of ten push-ups so it looked like I was down there on purpose.

But not anymore.

“I’m falling apart,” I told Tracey. “I swear I’m littering the footpaths at lunchtime with body parts. I used to run up mountains and now I can’t manage to walk up stairs.”

But Tracey isn’t worried. She handles getting old a lot better than me.

“You don’t need to run anymore,” she assured me. “I’ll let you catch me.”

She’s the best coach I’ve ever had.

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