No Matter Who


“Where’s Mummy?” Miss4 asked me, the phone in her hand.

“She’s out,” I told her. “Who are you talking to?”

“Auntie Kerri.”

“Oh. Can I talk to her please?”

“Okay,” she said, handing me the handset.

“Hi, Dad,” said the voice in my ear, which I recognised immediately as being exactly the sort of thing my sister doesn’t call me.

“Mishy? Is that you?”


“But she said you were Auntie Kerri.”

“I know,” Miss21 sighed. “She’s been calling me that for the last five minutes. I rang to ask Tracey a question but apparently she’s out?”

“Yep, you’ll just have to put up with me,” I grinned.

I guess this is the problem with moving to the other side of the country about the same time your younger sibling is born – you’re a bit of an enigma. This is one of the reasons we’re all so keen for this Christmas because Miss21 is making the trip with our grandson, and finally all the siblings will be together for a catch up at, as luck would have it, Auntie Kerri’s.

Hopefully seeing the two together in the same room will clarify things a little for Miss4.

While I caught up with my oldest daughter I heard Master24 further down the balcony trying to sort things in the mind of Miss4.

“That wasn’t Auntie Kerri,” I heard him explaining. “It was your sister. Our sister, Mishaela.”

I’d walked inside so I could better hear Miss21 without the industrial background noise our family generates when suddenly Miss4 was in front of me with her hand out.

“I need the phone, Daddy,” she said.

I figured she wanted to call her sister by her real name, so naturally I gave it to her.

“Ta,” she said, racing outside.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to follow. It just seemed like a sweet moment was coming and I wanted to be an observer.

Only Miss4 didn’t even talk into the phone. While I’d been catching up with Miss21, Tracey had arrived home.

“Here you go, Mummy!” squealed Miss4, thrusting the handset up into Tracey’s face.  “It’s Auntie Kerri!”

Sorry, Mishi. This’ll get sorted in a few short weeks.

Not that we’ll have much time available to help you with that: Tracey and I will be desperately trying to do the same with Izziah because it’s been nearly a year since either of us saw our grandson!


Chalk: Auntie Kerri


Cheese: Sister Mishaela (and our beautiful grandson, Izzy)

Raising a family on little more than laughs

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