My ‘Cat’s In The Cradle’ Moment

That’s Capers behind the car in the picture.

As my kids grow up I’m always fascinated when I see glimpses of me in there. Fascinated, and a little worried for them.

You see, I’m not a lot of things people around me have traditionally associated with fathers. I don’t watch sport. I don’t build things. I don’t tinker with cars. These are not things my kids will learn from me. And sometimes it shows and that fascinating, if worrying, bit of me shines through.

Master21 has started looking for some work close to where he’s living in Brisbane while he works his way through his four years at university.

I went to university, but he’s nothing like me in this respect because I studied women (mainly from afar) and alcohol for the brief period I was living on campus, whereas Master21 turns up to lectures.

Yesterday Master21 phoned to say he had a job at the local Capers Pizza, as a delivery boy initially.

I was a pizza delivery boy in Brisbane for a while, but he’s nothing like me in this respect because he has night vision, whereas I don’t. I’d get to the street quick as wink but struggle reading the numbers on the letter boxes.

So, at the interview, the manager asked all the usual questions you’d expect a manager to ask a potential delivery boy, including ‘is your car in good condition?’

So what’s the last thing you want to happen in front of the business you’ve just been hired at to deliver pizzas in?

Only hours later, Master21 turned the corner in front of the pizza business on his way home from picking his girlfriend up from work and his tire blew.

“It was like a gunshot,” he told me. “People ducked.”

And while in terms of luck I fear my son is very much like me, it’s what he did next which makes me want to break into song.

He called RACQ to change…his…tire.

Sing along!

“My boy was just like me, yeah, he’d grown up just like meeeeee……and the cat’s in cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon…”


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  • While I do know how to change a tyre my wife does tend to suppress her panic admirably when I try and fix something. This inevitably ends with me enlisting my father to assist with fixing my ‘fixing’. So I hear you loud and clear. I intend to not tell my kids about YouTube forever and when something breaks I’ll just search for ‘how to fix……..’ then astound them with my brilliance.

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