Share Toilets

We’ve been sharing bathrooms with strangers for a couple of months now and, as you can probably imagine, bathroom smells are something you hope you don’t notice.

Which is why Master11’s comment as we entered the bathrooms at Ipswich Showgrounds was so odd.

“Something smells nice,” he announced.

Then I smelt it too.

Either we’d just missed the cleaner (unlikely, because it was 8pm) or someone had recently had a shower and been very generous with the aftershave. Maybe it was his birthday.

To be honest, we’ve probably been lucky so far. Every time we pull up at a new spot I wonder if there’ll be someone who doesn’t flush.

Besides my youngest child, I mean.

But at least we’re there to remind her.

Or worse than that, the risk of a yellow river if instead of individual plumbing in the showers they’ve a channel running through to a single drain.

Not the nicest of topics for a blog post, I’ll grant you, but these are the daily struggles of life on the road.

And clearly, based on Master11 commenting on how nice it smelt, I’m not the only one in the family with these sorts of internal dialogues.

Which should, it turns out, be kept internal. Or at least very, very quiet.

“Thank you,” came a shout from one of the toilet cubicles back in the ‘bowels’ of the bathroom. “Plenty more where that came from.”

I bet, we both thought as we giggled and ran away to hide our faces.

I’m sure he’ll get just as big a laugh telling his side of the story to his missus, but I’m really just hoping we haven’t encouraged some fella he shouldn’t flush anymore.

After waking up surrounded by markets we stocked up on fruit and veg before heading in to town to meet up with family. This is us nearly getting away. Started the car and released the handbrake when someone behind me asked where Molly was.

Met up with the family near the city for coffee, bagels and ice cream.

The three amigos! Don’t know why I called us that. Never used it before. Me and my sisters, Kerri and Shanus.
For anyone in the general Brisbane area who hasn’t heard about it, Ipswich Art Gallery consistently has awesome displays. We don’t get down (or up?) this way very often but we’ve managed to catch two of them and they’ve both been brilliant. Put it on your radar.
So. Much. Fun. Reminded me of those wall units which they had in corner shops when I was a kid where you put a coin in the top and if you managed to get it all the way to the bottom you won your coin back. To anyone under 45 years of age, this was how we had fun before Space Invaders. 

Had a flip flop blowout. Fixed it all by myself. Using display stock.
This was the centrepiece of the Tapescape exhibit – a crawl through play area made from packing tape.

Not only fun, it’s a gift for awesome photos of the kids.

Next we found a room full of pillows!
I can only assume they were rejects donated by a manchester outlet because they weren’t especially comfortable. But I made do.

While Tracey ducked out to drink a coffee I actually built myself a little from which to monitor the kids. By the time Tracey came back it had been expanded somewhat and this was apparently Miss9 about to add a door and seal me in.

Hardly got to play with this activity at all because we spent so long sleeping upstairs.

Cost us $25 and we stayed for over two hours. Would have happily stayed longer but needed to feed the munchkins. If you want to check it out I’m told it closes on the 26th. But don’t worry, I’m sure there’ll be something equally as wonderful after that. Well done, Ipswich. You cop a lot of bad press but you’ve been great.
Just because we have to stay around the area doesn’t mean we can’t check out some of the outlying townships. Moved to Lowood today. I’ve got to say, beautiful. And only $15 a night to park (including power).
Magic. Now this is living.

Raising a family on little more than laughs

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