When A 7yr Old Fixes The Grocery Bill

Miss5 with vanilla slice

“Daddy,” said Miss7, “can you buy me a treat at the shops?”

I was quickly writing a list while Tracey called out suggestions from the pantry.

“No, sweetie,” I told Miss7. “We need the money for all the food.”

“How much do you need?”

“About $300,” I told her.

“That’d a lot.”

I nodded, and may have mumbled something about it being five or six cartons of beer.

“Do we need all this stuff?” Miss7 wanted to know next as she cast a critical eye over what I’d written.

“Only if you want to eat,” Tracey called from the pantry. Then she got me to add tins of tomatoes, coconut cream and spaghetti.

Then Miss7 had an idea.

“We don’t need coconut cream!”

“I need it for green chicken curry,” I reminded her.

“I know. But you’re the only one who eats it.” This got her thinking. “We also don’t need those horrible corn crackers Mum likes. Or onions. I hate onions. Or eggs. Or mushrooms.” She continued to rattle off a rather detailed list of unnecessaries before she got really silly. “And coffee,” she said, screwing up her face.

“I think you’d regret that pretty quickly,” said Tracey.

“We should just eat healthy anyway,” continued Miss7. “We could buy lots of lettuce! I lurve lettuce. How much money would that save you?”

“About $100,” I told her. No, I didn’t work it out, but I figured a couple of cartons of beer. I’d need them.

“Good,” she said, clearly pleased with her budgeting skills. Then she did some mental arithmetic. Finally, she tapped my shopping list. “Write this down. Now that I’ve saved you all that money, you can buy afford to buy me fifty Frozen Eggs.”

How smart are kids these days? Seven years old and already thinking in terms of bulk buying.

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  • NOOOO! Not the coffee! We just endured the great coffee drought of 2015 (aka we woke up to realise we were out of all caffeinated beverages yesterday morning)… almost as terrible as the great tomato sauce famine of 2014…

  • Future financial adviser perhaps? I think she needs to learn the importance of a green curry and maybe dip her toes into the world of coffee drinking… too soon?

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