Our little Charade is probably misnamed. We call it The Red Rocket but its one horse power is an old nag who struggles on hills. This hasn’t stopped the kids falling in love with it.

Having a second car has been a real treat these last couple of weeks, although it hasn’t been without it’s problems. The Green Eyed Monster has reared it’s ugly head for a start. Miss4 has been annoying the hell out of me to take her for a drive in it since I first drove it home.

Naturally, as a father of the year potential, I’ve been fobbing her off with the usual time honored excuses – not today, you’re too small and, my personal favourite, what did your mother say about this?

So I finally took little Miss4 for a dash around the block in The Red Rocket because, quite frankly, I couldn’t take the noise anymore. Although you know how sometimes things have to get worse before they get better? Well this was one of those times – she squealed with excitement and screamed like a banshee, laughing the whole way and jumping up and down in her seat.

Tracey said as I turned the corner the sound of her high pitched voice tapered off to nothing and two minutes later from up the hill she heard a squeal rise to a ear-piercing crescendo until I pulled into the driveway. It was driving a police car with it’s siren blaring.

On a scale of one to ten I’m guessing she would rate this an eleven, with cherries on top. By comparison, Dreamworld probably scored a 7. Seems little kids are just like adults – the longer they have to wait for something, the more the anticipation builds, and the bigger the emotional payoff. Imagine how excited the kids would be if I postponed Christmas to mid-January!! Joking.

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