Hold Everything


“I can’t hold any longer,” whined Miss6. She had bits crossed and others clenched and was hopping around the kitchen. “I need to go to the toilet.”

The poor darling was prairie dogging.

I may have mentioned once or twice before in this blog the issue we have with this house – the laundry, shower, bath, sink and our home’s only toilet all in the one room. As such, this little jig Miss6 was doing wasn’t in itself unusual. Every morning someone is banging on the door waiting for someone to finish something. Or, as is more often the case, standing in the bathroom waiting banging on about how desperate they are.

The unusual about today was there wasn’t a family member in the bathroom, there was a repairman working on one of our washing machines.

“He won’t be long,” said Nanny.

“He’s taking forever.”

“He’s nearly finished,” Nanny assured her.

And sure enough, a few minutes later the repairman finished putting the washing machine back together and began work on our dishwasher. He tinkered away for a bit and then stood up.

“Forgot my tools,” he mumbled and went back to the bathroom.

“No!” I exclaimed with a laugh when Nanny told me the story later that day. Miss6 would have been sitting on the toilet behind the door, dropping the kids off at the pool. She’d have been impossible to see until you stepped in but surely impossible for anyone with even a vague sense of smell to miss once you were in there. “What happened?”

“Neither of them said a thing,” said Nanny. “He went in and got his tool and brought it out. And she obviously sat there and watched him.”

This is the thing with big families, you’re just used to having company when you’re in the bathroom. I daresay she just watched him without giving it a second thought – having someone walk in while you’re on the loo is very normal in this house.

As for the repairman…

“I’d love to hear him retelling the story to his wife,” said Nanny.

Me too. I wonder if he’s laughing as much as we were.

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