Hello Dolly

We’re off to the Dolly Parton concert tonight, with Grandma having graciously agreed to look after the kids. When I say tonight I of course mean this morning, because we take an opportunity for childless shopping and milk it until the cow is jerky.

Miss8 is a little put out because we’re off to see Hanna Montana’s grandma sing.

We intend finishing our Christmas shopping today, so Tracey can relax about the possibility of the baby coming early and the buying of gifts being left in my hands (which would inevitably mean come Christmas morning some little person would be wondering what they did to piss Santa off).

Tracey is a big fan of Dolly so this will be very special tonight. Less so because we’re not sitting together (a lesson in procrastinating about buying tickets to a concert, good people). This should work to Tracey’s advantage though because I’m slowing going deaf and if I’m not sitting next to her I won’t be annoying her by asking, “What did she just say?” all the time.

I also think the lucky people sitting beside me will especially like my versions of Dolly’s lyrics, which I’ll be pelting out for their enjoyment. Not that I deliberately mess with them, I just don’t have a head for remembering the words of songs. Doesn’t stop me though.

I know five or six Dolly songs, and I love a concert. If she sings ‘Shine’ I’ll be in seventh heaven. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

What do you think?

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