Another delivery of fruit and potatoes tonight – $70 of the good stuff from the Marketman. A box of nectarines, box of mangoes and a big old 20kg bag of potatoes which nearly did my back in dragging it in from the car.

Potatoes will last us a month but the nectarines and mangoes will be lucky to see the weekend out. Actually most the nectarines are already missing, presumed eaten. The mangoes are doing better, but only because Tracey has shoved their box up out of reach of the kids and is standing in front of it with a rolling pin.

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money, but be sure you have the mouths and hunger levels to eat your way through a box of fruit or veg or you’re doing your money.


  • Because we buy potatoes in bulk (10 or 20kg) we keep them in the hessian bag they come in. We put the bag in the bottom of the pantry, where it’s dark and dry, and take care to remove any that sprout or go soft. Potatoes can last up to two months if stored properly, but ours don’t hang around that long 🙂 hope this helps. Oh, and don’t store them with onions – doesn’t go well.

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