I quickly tired of the kids asking me if they could play the Wii today so we packed up the trailer with their bikes and headed to Roadcraft, leaving Miss16 to her computer studies and listening out for a sleeping Miss1.

After all the progress the kids made on their bikes during our holiday it would be a shame if we didn’t keep up the habit.

It was a hot day so we didn’t even stay an hour, but the kids and I had fun riding around and racing each other. At first I thought someone had attached a radio to Miss4’s bike but it turned out she was just singing Christmas carols at us.

It’s good to get out of the house and get those heartbeats elevated. Of course, now I’m shagged and Miss1 is awake so I really seem to have shot myself in the foot. Ah, well. 

Miss8 laps Miss4 for the nth time.
Audio on this shot would be me yelling, “LOOKOUT!” as
Miss8 and Master6 unwittingly play chicken with each other.
Removing Miss8’s helmet can be the most painful part of the ride.

What do you think?

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