Curry night in the park

Tonight we had dinner at the Duck Ponds with our lovely friend Tess and three of her beautiful girls, Kate, Flic and Bethany. Tess’s family has a wonderful relationship ours – Master19 was very close with her two oldest girls and one of Miss16’s best friends is Flic.

Miss1 was having a great day.

Rather than a BBQ we had an Indian Curry theme, with each of us bringing along a nice dish.  When I spoke to Tess earlier today she was telling me about the two dishes she was whipping up – from scratch.

Miss7 lounging about.

I felt a bit of a fraud because I was getting my Butter Chicken sauce from a couple of jars, so I made mango chutney this afternoon.

Miss16 mid walk around the park.

The little kids LOVED the afternoon, spending most their time on the conveniently close playground equipment. Miss16 walked around the park with her friend Flic and Tracey and I were able to catch up with Tess and Kate.

As an added bonus, it was Kate’s 19th birthday today. We picked some lovely flowers from the garden and bought a box of Roses chocolates for her. The little kids loved giving them to her and I think Kate was fair chuffed with our loud and enthusiastic rendition of Happy Birthday.

A lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon, and just what Tracey and I needed given recent events.

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